Thursday, April 16, 2015

3 Reasons Why You Should Eat Healthy Even When You're Not Working Out

Currently, I've still gotta be pretty cautious with my exercise.  As I am still in a bit of recovery mode from my egg retrieval surgery.  And, I have a week left, and even then, I'll be doing some very modified exercise.  The most that I can do these days is go for a walk.  And, I don't know about you, but when I'm unable to exercise, it makes it really hard for a few other things to follow eating healthy.

So, as a reminder to myself, and, for all of you, here's a short list of reasons that you should still eat healthy when you're unable to workout, or, if your workouts have to be pretty limited:

1. Because if You Don't You're Playing a Mind Freak on Yourself: So, here's the deal.  You're NOT able to workout, so, you suddenly can't control what you put in your mouth?  It makes NO sense.  Also, not being able to work out should be an incentive TO eat healthy, you know, since you really aren't able to burn the calories...that makes the pizza even a little more difficult to swallow, right?  So, keep at the clean eating, and don't play a mind freak like I often do, and suddenly find myself at the nearest donut shop.  I mean, I walked there, that counts, right?!

2. You Will Feel Better!: So, when you find yourself having to do a little more couch time than you're used to, sticking to a meal plan is going to make you feel not quite as sluggish.  Trade out the gummy bears for a yogurt, and you won't feel the sugar rush, followed by the crash, as you move onto your next episode of Downton Abbey (or, I mean, whatever your thing is).

3. Losing Weight Isn't Everything: Sometimes, I think that I should be 'rewarded' with healthy eating by losing weight, or, seeing results of some kind.  I'm here to say, when you've been on the regimen of medication that I've been on, that just isn't going to happen.  Weight gain. fatigue, and just a general overall feeling of ickiness is how I feel these days.  But you know what?  It changes when I change what I eat.  I can't SEE the results with looser pants, or, on the scale, but I can FEEL it, and you know what?  I'm learning that that is a pretty great reward.  I won't lie, it's hard and something that I'm not used to, but, for now, that's what my life is, and there are times that we've got to accept where we are, and work with what we've got.

If you are in a similar place, I hope that this helps, and that you fight the 'couch potato' mindset.  I know how hard it is, especially when it seems that we've got the perfect 'excuse', but I challenge you to turn your excuses into your REASON to keep on going!


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