Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It ALL Connects: 4 Reasons Working Out Helps With MUCH More Than How You Look

You know, today, I was chatting with some friends, and we were talking about what's going on when things are going well for us, and what's going on when things are going poorly, or, just not quite the way we want.

And it got me thinking....

When things are going WELL for me, it typically has very little to do with my circumstances.  It has to do with how I look at them, and what I'm doing in my own life to make myself feel good.

For example....

1. When I'm working out, I feel good about literally most everything else.   I can have a terrible day, but if I end (or begin it) with a workout, I'm feeling like SOMETHING got accomplished.

2. Another cool thing about working out?  I actually get MORE done in my day.  I fall into that trap too of saying 'I don't have time', but really, I don't know what happens to my time, but, somehow, I end up watching an extra episode of Gilmore Girls or something.

3. Also, working out makes me want to eat healthier!  It's crazy.  I usually end up thinking, 'well, I don't want all this hard work to go to waste!', so, I opt for the banana instead of the banana bread, get what I'm saying?

4. When I workout, I feel better....emotionally.  It has been proven over and over and over, that exercising, literally any form of it, helps us feel good, and can ward off mildly depressive thoughts and anxieties.  We spend so much of our lives in front of a computer or a screen of some kind and we forget that our bodies were designed to MOVE, and it feels good when we do it!  So, whether it's a walk, or whether it's something more intense, get up, and move, you'll feel so much better.

So.  That's my list.  If you want to feel better, be more productive, have a more positive outlook...lift some weights, go for a jog, do some yoga, have Tony Horton yell at you (that's my preference!), but, whatever it is, just go out and do it. <3


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