Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Top 10 Of Everything I Love and Hate About IVF

I just love a good Top Ten list, so, I thought I would give you one that's a little bit different!

We are currently in the second round of IVF, and so far, things are going really, really well.  Everything is right where it needs to be, and we are continuing on in our journey, whereas, last time, this was the point that we had to stop and cancel.  So, needless to say, I'm in good spirits today, and wanted to give you about as fun of a list of IVF that you'll ever see ;)

I'll start with the things I hate, because, I like to end on a good note, ha!

Top 5 Things I Hate About IVF:

1. I can't exercise: Scratch that.  I can walk.  I can do Tai Cheng.  But, I really love some Shaun T in my life, but, let's be real.  When you're growing eggs (literally, that's what my body is doing right now), it is not wise to be jostling things around with power jumps.  I asked this time if I could do a little yoga, in the hopes that I could do PiYo, but I was told that the downward dog position could flip my ovaries, yikes!  So, these last few days have been filled with long walks, and, it helps, but I'll be glad when I can do a little more than that.

2. The side effects: Everyday, I'm injecting hundreds of units of hormones into my body, so, it doesn't feel good.  About a week ago, I had the worst headache I think I've ever had, and when you're doing this, you can't take any medication besides Tylenol (yeah, that's another thing I hate!), so, it wasn't the greatest of evenings.  Also, you're really bloated, and you just feel kind of like, 'yuck'.  And that's about the best way to describe it.  Oh, and every now and then, you'll get sharp shooting pains in your side...because, you know, you're growing some eggs in there, and you're telling them to grow quickly, so, it's painful.

3. My Lack of Coffee and other ways that I can feel better: My doctor told me I could have 1-2 cups, and I'm kind of a 3-4 cup girl.  On occasion I also like to drink a little E&E (a pre-workout), and man, as I sit here and continuously yawn, I'm really missing that right about now.  My doctor also told me that I can't take any medication besides Tylenol (as I said above), and whew, not that I need to take Advil or Excedrin everyday, but with all these aches and pains, it sure would be nice.  So, pretty much, anything that helps me feel better, is all gone, which, when you feel like junk, that's all you want is to feel better.  I'm currently relying on Michael Buble and Daft Punk to keep me in good spirits.  An odd combo I know, but it seems to be working ;)

4. My Lack of Schedule: I thought the military had me pretty used to keeping me on my toes, but man, it's got nothing on IVF.  Everyday, your plans could drastically change, because that's how powerful this medication is.  Your body is changing every. single. day.  So, I check in every other day and have blood work and sonograms galore done, and each day, you're a bit on the edge of your seat as to what you will find out.  And it's just very difficult to plan, so, you're on pins and needles a lot (pun intended, ha).

5. The Shots: I don't really feel like I should complain about this, but, since they aren't exactly a party, I'll just go on ahead.  I will say that I am used to them, which, is much better than the first day when I sat there contemplating if I actually HAD to do this, and maybe I could just skip that part.  But, at this point, I am poking myself three times a day, and, your day tends to revolve around the timing of those shots.  They really don't hurt, aside from the initial poke, and hey, if you have to do it at someone's house (which I have), they make for great conversation!  But, other than that, they pretty much stink.

Top 5 Things I LOVE about IVF:

1. IVF has allowed me to get reconnected with friends that live in the area that I'm receiving my treatments at, and honestly, that has been really fun!  I love that I can see them all, and catch up with each of them!

2. Seeing Jod Get Really Excited!: If you know my husband, you know that he's pretty chilled out.  But, this has even got him pretty pumped!  We have talked about baby names, how we want to decorate the nursery, what color hair our babe will have, and that we know they'll be the most perfect baby we've ever laid eyes on.  And, if you know my friends and family, our baby will have some stiff competition, because there are some cuties!  But, you know, ours will be the bomb ;)  It is so fun seeing his eyes light up, and hearing him get excited with me, that makes so much of it worth it to me.

3. It's Easter: And I mean, I'm literally growing eggs.  That's gotta make you atleast chuckle a little ;)

4. Realizing How Cool Technology Is: I cannot get over the fact that if we were a couple going through this very issue about 50 years ago or so, we would simply be out of luck in terms of being able to have a child.  We would definitely be looking at the adoption route.  And, I still love that idea.  However, if there's a chance that I can see a child with my husband's gorgeous blue eyes or, my gap between my two front teeth, then, I want to take that chance.  To see US looking back at us.  Gosh, that would be pretty priceless.  This technology has changed our lives, and, I know that some circles consider it 'synthetic', or, whatever.  But for us, this is our chance to have a baby.  And wow, that is just awesome to me.

5. My View of Motherhood: This may (or may not!) surprise you about me, but I really wasn't all too sure about motherhood.  I knew that I wanted it 'someday' but I kept putting it off in my mind.  I loved our life, and I was so afraid that adding another person, well, there just wouldn't be enough love to go around.  I now realize, even without our little babe just yet, that both of our hearts are just getting a little bigger in preparation.  It was me, just being a bit of worrier, and not having complete faith that my heart could ever change.  And, while I have no doubt that I would love our baby no matter what the process is beforehand, but, this really forces me to appreciate that little life just a tad more, and that life, really and truly is a giant blessing.  God always seems to know what I need, and, this has his handiwork all over it.

So, the things I love, make everything I hate completely and totally WORTH it.  This is a path that is not easy, but, I challenge you to look at whatever path you are on, and think about the end result, and everything you're learning in between.  You might be able to see all those sacrifices and hard times a little bit differently <3



  1. As always, you amaze me. I am thankful that I get to read about your journey, no matter where it takes you and Jordan. All the best Candice. :)


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