Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Healthy, Clean, and Tasty: How to Make the Perfect Zoodle

The other night I made a bit of a different version of chicken parmesan, and, let me tell you, it was so delicious, it had me wishing that I'd bought a few extra zucchinis!

So, for those who don't know me, I am a BIG pasta fan.  Like, I have vivid memories of being 8 and telling people I wanted to go to Italy to eat spaghetti.  So, big noodle fan over here.  I have tried spaghetti squash, and, perhaps I haven't found the right way to prepare it, but, it doesn't do much for me.  However's another story.

For a little while, I didn't have a vegetti, and I was just using a potato peeler to make the 'noodles', but, if you want to get a little more serious about spiraling your veggies, do yourself a favor, and head over to Bed, Bath & Beyond with your 20% off coupon, and for $15 you'll have a pretty awesome kitchen tool.

So, for this recipe, I will be totally honest and tell you the sauce I used came from a jar (gasp!), however, I felt alright about it, as it was Newman's Own Organic, with no added sugar, it's literally just tomatoes in there.

Well, I won't hold you in suspense any longer!  Here's the recipe from Monday night:

Chicken Parmesan Zoodles (serves 2)

You'll Need: 
2 Chicken Breasts, unthawed
4 tsp. of minced garlic, divided
4 tsp. of basil, divided
Cooking spray
4 medium sized zucchinis
1 jar of spaghetti sauce (preferably with no sugar added, organic, be sure to read the ingredients list!)

1. Using 2 medium sized skillets, spray both skillets, and turn heat to medium-high (or, if you're like me, you'll just use the same pan twice while rinsing in between the chicken and the zucchini!)
2. Slice the chicken vertically, then, once the pan is heated add the chicken, and sprinkle it with 2 tsp. of garlic, and 2 tsp. of basil.
3. While the chicken is cooking, begin using your vegetti, and, holding the zucchini over a medium sized bowl begin to spiral all four zucchinis.
4. Using the already heated pan, spray the pan, and add the zucchini, while also adding the remaining garlic and basil.  Cook until the zucchini is tender and flexible.

On a plate, add the zucchini, top with spaghetti sauce, and then the chicken.  Add parmesan cheese if you desire.

All in all, this took me 15 minutes to make, and was a huge hit.  Remember, four zucchinis may seem like a lot, but it was barely enough for my husband and I.  If you're having more than two people, don't forget more zucchini!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your zoodles!



  1. Newman's Own is my favorite shortcut marinara sauce too ;)

    1. Oh my gosh, I can't buy anything else, it's just so good! And, I love Paul Newman, haha ;)


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