Friday, May 8, 2015

Mind Over Muscle Challenge Group: Begins June 1st!

When I first began participating in challenge groups, I didn't realize how it ALL connected.
My MIND had to be RIGHT. In the words of my Grandma wink emoticon
Without the right mindset I would fall back into my old ways. And the only way to strengthen our mind, is to reinforce what we already know to be true with some good old fashioned personal development.
I've been thinking a LOT about something unique that I wanted to do for my June group. June is definitely the time when we realize that we've got some changes we need to make if we don't want to awkwardly pose behind other people on the beach, suck it in, and take that selfie WAY up high (that's the solution for those who gain weight in our face, haha!).
We NEED to get our minds right. So, in this group, NOT ONLY will we be working out, and drinking our shakeology, but we'll be doing a little reading with Darren Hardy. This book has given me SIMPLE truths that when you apply them every day in your life, they compound into BIG results.
This group is open to ANYONE who has participated in a group before (just be sure you've got your workout and shakeo!) and, for the newbies, when you make the decision to commit to working out and shakeology, you'll receive a free copy of our book from me. This is MY way of saying THANK YOU to you for entrusting me with the investment of your health and fitness, and also, to get you started on the right track!
For those who interested, you will NOT want to delay on this! I am SO excited to help us focus on what MATTERS, while also, SEEING the results of our hard work!
Please comment below if you're interested, or, fill out the challenge group application in the link below, and I will be in touch with you in the next 24 hours!


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