Monday, May 4, 2015

The FACTS of BeachBody Coaching: My Income Journey

I know that I tend to be FLOWERY when I talk about BeachBody I wanted to change it up, and talk about the FACTS of what coaching has done for myself and our little family heart emoticon

When I began coaching in January 2013, I wanted NOTHING else, other than some extra accountability in my OWN fitness journey. 

My very FIRST paycheck was $47.46 (yes, I still have it, haha!)

Today, I JUST got off the phone with our IVF clinic, to schedule our next round, and, paid off what we currently owed. And, I can tell you, it was slightly more than $47.46 wink emoticon

When I first began this business, I was told that this was pyramid scheme, that I was tossing aside my degree, and that I was wasting my money and annoying people with my posts. Not by everyone, but, enough that it made me walk on eggshells and hide my true excitement and passion for what I was doing.

I am sure that there are still people who believe this, but honestly, what I SEE in my own life, in my challengers' lives, and in the lives of my coaches helps me to know that what I am doing is nothing but the result of hard work and determination.

I have been a slower business builder, and, even in that, BeachBody has absolutely changed our lives. Not only was I able to pay for a portion of IVF, but, I had to do a LOT of traveling back and forth from Washington D.C. since that is where our clinic is located. Four months worth to be exact, and, call me crazy, but, even at the most flexible of jobs, I just don't see how this would have been possible.

I traveled multiple times last year as a direct result of both, the flexibility of my job with BeachBody, and also, because of the income I was receiving. There were four vacations, not to mention, a few trips home to Michigan as well.

We also MOVED last year, which, again, BeachBody helped us pay for our moving expenses, housing inspection, and the increase in our payments.

I do not SAY any of this to toot my own horn. I say this because I want anyone who is reading this, that wants a change in their life, to know, that you can do it. I am not someone who thinks that I have natural 'knack' for selling, in fact, I would tell you that I'm pretty bad at it. TALKING someone INTO something isn't my thing.

However, SHARING my journey IS something that I love to do, and want to show others that if I can do this, you most certainly can too. This business is not partial to people who 'sell', who are pushy, or who are trying to 'scheme' someone. In fact, I would say that anyone who does that sort of thing would be terrible at this.

This business is about sharing who YOU are. Showing people that despite busy schedules, physical limitations, and just the struggles of life, that everyday a small change can compound into a BIG difference.

And that, my friends, is exactly what BeachBody has done for my husband and I. Everyday I have woken up, shared my story, invited people, and that effort is something that has and will continue to grow with time. This opportunity is for YOU. You just have to have the courage to take it heart emoticon

Please fill out this application below if you are interested in joining, and I would love to chat with you and see if coaching would be a good fit!


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