Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Candice & Calabrese Day 11: 21 Day Day Fix Toasted Kale Salad

I. Hate. Kale.

Now that that's off my chest, let me tell you that the ONLY reason I wanted to share this recipe early on in this little project of going through an entire cookbook was to get it over with.  I think it's bitter. I think it's 'leafy', and I hate how it seems to take forever to chew.

So.  Needless to say, I was kinda dreading this....not to be dramatic or anything.

Here's what I found out:

It's actually enjoyable in this recipe.

The only other time I have felt this way was when I made Kale 'chips', and doused them in salt and oil, deeming it healthy.  I mean, it was probably better than actual chips, but, I just knew that the kale hatred ran deep....real deep...so I salted and oiled until I felt the taste of the kale would be obliterated...and it was.

This recipe probably calls for slightly less oil and salt than my fateful kale chip night, but, I found out that another ingredient pairs quite nicely with kale: lemon.

I'm going to make a post devoted to my thoughts on the homemade dressings I've tried so far, but, I've gotta tell you right now that I'm already fan.  For starters I have had all of the ingredients in my house which immediately makes me like the process, and gosh, they are SO tasty.  You'll think to yourself with this one 'I'm adding too much lemon juice', but just trust Autumn, she knows what's up.
There is no special tip with this recipe, you just need to follow the directions and then enjoy.  It was so, so tasty, and, surprisingly filling.

Tomorrow, I'm going to feature the wonderful sauce that I used for the Easy Pizza from last week.  Thanks for reading, friends!


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