Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Candice & Calabrese Day 12: 21 Day Fix Grandmas' Tomato Sauce

You will NOT want to skip this recipe in the Fixate cookbook.  This recipe is not only tasty, but, it is the base to several recipes in the book.  Not only that, but this tomato sauce is so easy to make, and, just like all of the other recipes thus far, completely tasty and guilt free.  You even throw a splash of red wine in there, PARTAY!

Also, unlike yesterday's post that expressed my hated for Kale, I am the biggest fan of tomatoes.  My favorite meal as a child was spaghetti, and, it is still one of my favorite comfort foods....and it's mostly because of the sauce.  When I order pizza I always request extra sauce.  You get the idea.  Anyhow, as a person who sincerely loves tomato sauce and I have tried my hand at making my own, I absolutely loved this recipe.  And, what I love even more is that there is still a big batch of it in my freezer for later!  Thanks Autumn!

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