Friday, September 18, 2015

Candice & Calabrese Day 13: 21 Day Fix Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup

Hello again everyone!  If you are new to my blog, this 'Candice & Calabrese' is a section of my blog that takes me through Autumn Calabrese's cookbook, Fixate.  All recipes are 21 Day Fix approved, and, so far, are incredibly delicious.  Each day, I review a recipe, and let you know what it was like to make it; how easy the prep was, any tips that helped me out, and, of course, how tasty it was!

Today, I had the pleasure of making this little beauty.  I LOVE tortilla soup.  Unfortunately, a soup that can actually be really healthy can often get bogged down with loads of sodium, and obviously lots of additions like, cheese, sour cream, rice, etc.

I loved Autumn's recipe because it was so unique.  I've never made a tortilla soup that calls for carrots, but honestly, I appreciated the addition! As with any soup that requires veggies and a meat, expect that most of your prep work will be lots of chopping...something that I find actually enjoyable, but, I know that's not everyone's thing.  Also, something different that I will do when I make this a second time (because I definitely will!), is to add a little more spice to it (I like some kick).  Also, I don't think I will put it in a food processor at all as she calls for.  I'd prefer to have the chunks of veggies!

All in all, this recipe was given a thumbs up by both, my husband and I.  It's definitely a 'dinner' soup, which I love on a cool fall night!

If you are curious about the Fixate cookbook, please click here for purchasing info.  Or, please feel free to comment below, I'd love to tell you more about it, along with the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan.

Thanks for reading, friends!


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