Thursday, September 10, 2015

I Said I Wouldn't Talk About this Part of IVF, but I'm Going To

There's a part of IVF that I've avoided chatting about, because I don't want to appear like I'm trying to be overdramatic, or, exploitive...but I am whole heartedly convinced that this will help you know ME better, and also, that, while this is a post that I have poured over and thought about so much, I just have a sense that this can help someone who is reading it.

A little over a year ago, my husband came home from deployment, and while I was so happy he was home, we were faced with a very scary appointment that changed our lives forever.

In July 2014, we found out that my husband and I couldn't have kids on our own.  Because this is my husband's issue, I will keep this part brief (even though if you asked him, he would totally tell you, ha!).  But, because of a condition that he was born with, we quickly found out that IVF was the only way we could have children of our own.

So, here's a brief timeline of our IVF Journey so far:

December 2014: Jod had surgery relating to our fertility issues

January 2015: Round 1 of IVF (ended about a week and a half in due to low hormones)

March 2015: Round 2 of IVF (got all the way through egg retrieval surgery and transfer, but we weren't pregnant)

August 2015:  Round 3 of IVF (our first FET cycle...frozen embryo transfer cycle....and JUST had our embryo transfer earlier this week!)

When I look at this timeline, I think about ALL of the appointments....ALL of the medication....ALL of the tears....and ALL of the HOPE.

We are anxiously anticipating the day that we can find out if everything worked!  And as I sit and (not so) patiently wait, I think about the fact that there was a piece of my life that I have remained silent about that completely made all of this possible:  My BeachBody Business.

There are WEEKS of appointments in this timeline.  I never had to 'call in', or, save for time.  To give you an idea, and, if you have been involved in IVF you know about this.  But, I had appointments every other day in each cycle, aside from the current cycle I'm in.  That was four weeks altogether.  And, my appointments were three hours away.  So, it was a legit four weeks that I was away from home.  My last job gave me two weeks of vacation time, that I had to EARN.  And, I don't say that to complain about that job, it seems that most jobs are like that....but not the one I'm in now.

When I was away I was able to go to my appointments in the morning, and then work on my business...and maybe I visited Mt. Vernon too, ha (I was in DC, I had to!).  But, my that I had FREEDOM.  Now, when we think of freedom, we don't think of IVF...but that's where my life is at right European Trip will have to wait for now ;)

Now, I will touch lightly on this, because, I intend on making a BIG announcement in about a month, but, TO DATE, we have also paid $8,000 in IVF bills....we still have SOME that we need to pay off...but, trust me, BeachBody has given us that freedom as well!

And also, the community that I am a part of has been nothing but amazingly supportive.  My own coach has even given me a few of my shots ;)  I have friends in this community who have been prepared to be with me during my procedures if my husband couldn't be.  That's not just a co-worker....that's a friend.  And it's yet another aspect of this job that makes it incredibly unique.


BeachBody has been here for me.  It has given my husband and I the chance to have KIDS.  I'm not even being overdramatic with that statement....because that's what it's allowing us to do.  Could we still go through IVF?  Yes.  But there'd be a lot more of things we didn't financial struggle, explaining to a boss why I need so much time off...and probably not enough courage to write and help others as they go through IVF too.

This opportunity is so very special to me.  It's the last thing I ever expected, but the very best thing that's happened to Jod and I, and I will be forever grateful for it.

However, the journey does not end there....

I don't write all of this to tell you  how cool my life is (I know you're all jealous of my shots!).  I tell you about this, because if ANY of this resonates with you, I want you to talk to me.  I will tell you every detail that you want to know, give you the details on how to join, and shoot it to you straight.  This is an opportunity that I simply have to share...and if telling you about this part of my life is what will help change yours, then my words have done their job.

You can do this.  It's never too late to make a change, and reignite the fire of wanting freedom.

Please, fill out this application, and I will be in touch within 24 hours.  Thanks for reading, friends.


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