Saturday, September 19, 2015

IVF: You Can Do This

This was a post that I wrote on my Facebook page (feel free to send me a friend request here, I promise, there's good stuff on there that'll make you smile!), and, on that particular day I had had a HUGE outburst about something that meant nothing, and, about 20 minutes later, I was crying, and apologized to my husband.  Then, I felt so frustrated by the meds that I've been taking...not just this time around, but really, this entire year.  This post was a reflection of that day, and I thought it was worth sharing on my blog: 

Just wanted to remind everyone that Facebook is very often our 'highlight' reel. Which is OKAY. It's often the things that we would share if we were just meeting someone, or, hadn't seen someone in a long time....which is often times who our Facebook friends are.

Today though, I just wanted to throw out a 'non highlight reel' moment.

This past week, as our family prepares for both,a long separation, and the news of whether or not our embryo transfer worked....and all the medications I am on that cause significant mood is where I have found myself on a daily basis:

-no filter

And that's the short list.

Today, as I had yet another crying episode, and I read the side effects of these medications just wishing it would say something is what I have to remind myself:

heart emoticon To leave it ALL at Jesus' Feet. All. of. it.

heart emoticon To be thankful that I have a kind and patient husband.

heart emoticon To understand that this is temporary, and isn't 'me'.

heart emoticon That this could be the beginning of a beautiful gift for us!

heart emoticon To do my best, and apologize if I'm hurtful.

heart emoticon Give myself grace, instead of guilt trips.

Do you have a struggle today? Do you need a gentle reminder that your trial is temporary? Did you just need to know that not everyone is 'Facebook' perfect? wink emoticon No matter what's going on, just know that you're not alone and it's okay that not everyday is perfect....because no one else's is either. Except if it's your wedding day...those are always pretty perfect in my book. heart emoti

If you know someone who is currently going through infertility, please feel free to share this with them.  If that person is you, please reach out to me, I'd love to chat.  Thanks for reading, friends.


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