Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Plan for the Unplannable: My health and fitness journey through pregnancy

We all know that when we actually have children they do crazy things.  Throw toys in the toilet....and then flush.  Have tantrums in Target.  Poop after you've just changed their diaper...poop on you.  Stick random objects up their nose.  They are unpredictable, and we've got to just do our best, and roll with it.

So far, this little peanut has given his mom and dad a whole lot of unpredictability and he's not even out of the womb, so, needless to say I'm excited to meet this little daredevil, but a little nervous too. ;)

After just making the decision that I would complete BeachBody's Brazil Butt Lift and getting a couple of workouts in, I had a small scare that I decided to head to the doctor for.

I found out that I have a condition that will no longer allow me to workout.  If you'd like to ask me what it is, I'd be happy to chat about it, however, I won't be chatting about it publicly on the blog.  But, I found that first and foremost my baby is totally fine, and I am too!  However, I have to take it easy.  I'm not on bed rest, but, from what I understand, I'm a step above that.  That means, no heavy lifting, no cardio of any kind, nothing.  I was told I could walk and that's it.

Talk about a big blow.

It's hard being told that you can't do something when you feel like you can.  And, it's even harder because this means that there will be times that I may need to (gulp) ask for help if I know I shouldn't be doing something.  I was genuinely upset about this news, because, well, I thought I was in a 'safe zone' so to speak, and I was just so excited to get moving again.

I totally and completely understand now why women often times throw their hands up and say 'give me Ben & Jerry's Phish Food, stat!'  Between terrible morning sickness, the crazy body changes, hormones, and random complications like the one I'm experiencing, you kinda feel like you're owed a little Ben & Jerry's right?  Because it's  H A R D to be healthy and not kind of have the whole package to go along with it.  If you're like me, you're told you can't work out.  And even if you CAN workout, you're not exactly going for abs.  It's just hard to wrap our minds around in a world that, so often the reason people atleast get the spark to exercise is so that they can lose weight and have confidence physically.  That's just not the reality for those nine months.

So....do I wallow and feel sorry for myself?  Well, if I'm honest, I did a little that day.

But then, I got to work.

I made a list of what I CAN do.

And, it was actually a lot more than I thought.

-For starters, it's high time this meal plan thing gets back on track.  I may not be able to do squats anytime soon, but I certainly have control over what I put in my body, and, what I feed this little peanut.

-I can also walk for 30 minutes a day.

-I can also fuel my mind with positivity when I start feeling frustrated that I can't get up and move the way I would like to.

If you ask me, those are way better than bed rest.  It's not what I had planned, but hey, this whole journey has been crazy, hard, and very unplanned....why stop now, right?  ;)

Next week in my blog, you can look forward to seeing my meal plan and I will be using the 21 Day Fix containers to  help me out.  I know that these are often seen as portion control, but, they are also a great way to give your body exactly what it needs and keep you on track with eating clean.  I'll show you exactly how I'll do it.  I'll show you everything, from my grocery list to my cheat meals (because yes, I do plan on having them!).  

This journey has always been one of being real and honest with where I'm at.  And there have been times when I've been able to slip into a smaller size because of my hard work, and this time it will be to have a healthy baby boy.  That's not too bad of a trade off, I'd say.

If you want help in your fitness journey, please feel free to message me, I'd love to help you out!



  1. Oh man, that's no fun. Glad you went and got checked out though and that all is well! You've got this mama!!!!

  2. Oh man, that's no fun. Glad you went and got checked out though and that all is well! You've got this mama!!!!


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