Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Four Stupid Things I Said Before I was Pregnant

We've all been there.  That hindsight moment when we think 'WHY did I say that, that was dumb.'

I think that this can never be more true than the thoughts we have about something we haven't YET experienced, and then, when we experience them we're like ' I see.'

Pregnancy is a lot like that.

We've ALL got our opinions.  But I would like to highlight a few of mine that weren't exactly, shall we say, stellar moments of clarity.  I'm sure there are more that my pregnant brain has either forgotten or blocked out but here's the ones that come to mind.

1. 'I think that morning sickness is more like mind over matter':  Seriously.  WHAT was I thinking?!  This one is at the top of the list for a reason.  I remember saying it to my husband, and he said 'really?  you think so?'  And I said, 'oh yeah, you just need to get ready for your day, and I think you'll be good to go.'  As I bent over a toilet every morning for about 8 weeks or so, threw up in people's driveways, threw up in other people's toilets, I think that God giggled at me a little.

So, in case you're wondering and you're not's NOT mind over matter.  It's the worst sickness I've experienced ever, and ironically, what makes it so bad is that there really isn't a lot you can do about it.  I tried all the things.  Some relieved it temporarily.  Some didn't work at all.  None gave me significant relief.  I wish I had some magical remedy to tell you about.  But I don't.  The best thing I can say is, try your best to keep your sense of humor throughout it, that honestly may just be your saving grace.  

2. 'I'm going to follow my meal plan to a 't'!: Well, this all fell apart at around six weeks pregnant when all I could was bread and gingerale.  So.  Again, I found myself wondering why I had these high hopes of making week long meals when I couldn't even look at a piece of chicken (cooked or raw), and smelling literally anything made me nauseous.  Now, I'm able to do that more, and it's been amazing, but that first trimester and really, the first half of my second trimester really threw off that plan.

3. I'm going to prepare my body for labor by doing Brazil Butt Lift!: Seriously, three days after I made this decision and had a couple of workouts under my belt I had a scare that led to me heading to the hospital.  I had followed all the rules during the workouts; checking my heart rate, being able to talk without breathing hard, I hadn't even worked up a sweat.  I was very, VERY easy on myself.  That Friday, I came home from a hair appointment, realized something was wrong, and once I was at the hospital got the news that I wasn't to workout at all, and in fact, was one step away from bed rest.  It was at this point, that I had to throw my hands (and control) in the air, and realized that some women can have super awesome workouts throughout pregnancies but that I wasn't going to be one of them....atleast until the doctor tells me that I can, which COULD still happen.  But, again, not so cool to make a plan when you're pregnant and really hang on tight to it.  You have to be willing to be flexible.  Which I personally hate, but I'm working on it since I have no choice, ha.

4. 'I'm really dreading maternity clothes, I love my clothes!':  Nope, no I didn't.  It wasn't real love.  Because real love is maternity clothes.  That plethora of elastic.  Shape formers galore.  Cozy too-big sweaters.  LEGGINGS everday.  Shirts that come down super long so you don't have to worry about undies or certain body parts sticking out....oh wait you don't have to worry about that anyway because you have a beautiful band of elastic around your jeans!  Maternity clothes are the bomb dot com, and while I'm sure I will eventually go back to my old clothes once I'm able, I will play 'I will always love you' as I pack up my maternity clothes.  Okay.  Maybe I won't go that far.  But, just know, they are comfy, and super cute and trendy these days too.  The 'big tent' look is long gone, and they are made to made you feel comfortable and beautiful.  Because you are anyhow, and it's only enhancing the awesome blessing that you're carrying around with you these days.

Did you have stupid things that you said before you were pregnant?  Share them in the comments below.  There is nothing better than laughing at ourselves, and realizing that although we're not as wise as Gandhi, we've learned a few lessons along the way in life.

Thanks for reading, friends.


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