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Top Thoughts on Shakeology and Pregnancy

So, before I get started, I want to tell you this is MY opinion.  No one else's.  Much of what I'm saying is based on my common sense, and not so much fact, and also from my personal experience.  Do you feel that you've got a good disclaimer?  Okay, good. ;)

I've been getting asked a lot these days what I think about drinking Shakeology while I'm pregnant.  Why I personally am doing it, and if I think it's safe for others to drink.  So, here's my thoughts.  You can take 'em or leave 'em.

1. You Shouldn't Be Drinking Something that Makes you Lose Weight.

Sometimes, when we talk about Shakeology we talk about how it can help you LOSE WEIGHT.  And, we all know that during pregnancy you need to gain it.  So, I can see the confusion.  But here's what you do about that.  You eat more.  Or, you can fill up your shake with some other goodies, like a banana, some almond milk, spinach, you can bulk that baby up if you want!  One of the misconceptions about Shakeology is that it's a 'protein shake' or a 'weight loss shake'.  What's cool about it, is that yes, it does have protein and it does help you lose weight, BUT it's so much more than that.  It's literally my pre-natal vitamin.  And, p.s. I've been gaining weight just fine, so, no worries on that front.

2. Should You Ask Your Doctor About Shakeology?

Yes.  You absolutely can.  But I want to play a little devil's advocate with you on this:

Did you ask your doctor about that pint of icecream you just ate?  No?  Shoot, I didn't either!

Did you go through the ingredients of that burger you just grabbed from the drive thru with a fine tooth comb?  No?  I didn't do that either.

What about the pizza you ate on Friday night, surely you checked EVERY ingredient, right?!  No?  Hmm...I didn't either.

Listen, I use these as examples NOT because I'm trying to be a jerk, but because they are from my OWN life.  And you can be mad at me for this one if you want, but this is what I said to myself, and it's the logic that I use when I think about it.  I don't ask my doctor about my not so secret donut addiction, and, my experience with Shakeology is that they tell me 'no' (i.e. when I went through IVF) not because they actually thought something was wrong with it, but because they didn't know what it was and didn't take the time to check it out.  I personally, didn't like their attitude towards it, so, out of FEAR I did stop for a while, but by the third round, I started drinking it again, because I knew it would be fine...and I totally was, and continue to be (and I became pregnant my 3rd round!  Coincidence?  Who knows, haha!).  Use your common sense.  If it's bothering you, then obviously don't do it.  But I have found it's helping me out in a lot of ways.  ***Side note: I am not a rebel about ANYTHING else they tell me.  I have followed every instruction to a 't', but I knew that Shakeology would be fine for me!

3. How Can Shakeology Help You When You're Pregnant?

Man oh man, first and foremost, my digestion is amazing, ha!  I know that can often be a problem throughout pregnancy, but it's been so incredibly helpful!  Also, I know that not only am I getting the very best nutrition from this drink, but my baby is too.  I knew how good I felt when I drank it everyday BEFORE I was pregnant, and I knew that would only continue.  Also, just having it in my day REMINDS me that I need to stay healthy, and not go for the Ben & Jerry's.  Sometimes people don't understand why it's important EVERYDAY.  And I get that.  Prior to Shakeology, I don't know if there was much of anything that I did consistently everyday.  But I believe it is MORE than just drinking it everyday, it helps get you in a rhythm of making other things happen everyday.  For me, that's eating healthy, and whenever I get the all clear from my doctor, it will also mean working out to.

4. Avoid the comparison game.

Believe it or not, the pregnancy comparison game is STRONG yo!  I thought I was bad when I was wishing my abs were as good as that instagram girl.  But whew....the pregnancy stuff is pretty intense too.  'Are you drinking caffeine?', 'What kind of cheese is that?', 'Don't eat any lunch meat!'  And listen, I follow the rules.  I do check out my cheese, I don't eat lunch meat that I don't know about, and I have one cup of coffee a day.  I listen to the majority on these things, I follow my 'What to Expect' book, and I do my best with the knowledge I have.  We as women have this unfortunate ability to hear a new 'rule' about what we should/shouldn't be eating or doing and we then equate that to, 'if I keep drinking coffee I'm the worst mom ever!'  'If I choose to have an epidural, I'm weak!' 'If I don't breast feed I'm terrible!'  No.  Just stop.  And this I guess is going beyond Shakeology.  But, for real.  You're not.  And I personally try very hard not to get into that whole comparison thing.  It's maddening.  And if I'm being frank, really immature.  MOST women that you talk to, are trying to be the very best mom that they know how to be.  Most moms don't have a secret plot to harm their kids by allowing them to watch an episode of Daniel Tiger so they can get a few things done around the house.  So if you see someone with a bump sipping on their Shakeology, and you don't think it's right...well, that's on you.  Not her.  Get out of the comparison trap.  Be confident in the fact that you're giving your little sprout (and you!) the very best nutrition, not to mention, a regular trip to the bathroom for yourself, ha, and be glad.  And that's all I'm going to say on that subject.

5. Shakeology helps those cravings!

I don't know about you, but in general, I have a pretty strong sweet tooth.  These days?  It's crazy town.  I will admit that I go to the store and the next day I look at what I've got and think...'did I need to buy a package of danishes for MYSELF?'  Ha.  I am learning to have a sense of humor about these things, but lately, I have been saving my Shakeology for the evening, because that is when I REALLY want a bowl of icecream, a danish (hey, I've got a 12 pack!), or some other junk.  I bulk my shake up with things that are filling (i.e. my go to is a banana and almond milk), and I wash away that danish craving, AND I'm full, AND I just gave myself healthy shake that tastes like chocolate.  All are wins in my book.

Obviously, you can choose Shakeology or not during your pregnancy (remember that thing I said about comparing?  That goes for me too!  No judgment is coming from my end!), but, this is what I have found, these have been my thoughts on it, and it's where I personally stand.  Being pregnant is crazy.  I have to adjust to lots of weird things going on with my body, I have to take it easy even though I feel fine, I'm figuring out what clothes will fit this week.  But Shakeology is my thing that I KNOW each day will be there without fail, and will help me out.  There is no bigger blessing in the world to me right now than our wonderful, perfect son that is growing inside me.  So, it's worth it.  And the day I actually get to meet him is going to be one that I won't ever be able to put into words.  Figuring out whose nose he has, feeling those little fingers grasp around mine, seeing Jordan be a DAD.  Gosh...ALL of that is SO worth the craziness.  Thanks for reading, friends.


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