Thursday, May 26, 2016

40 Weeks. 40 Lessons. What I've Learned Throughout Pregnancy.

Pregnancy is this time in someone's life that can be joyful but also incredibly hard.  Basically, anything goes.  I tried my best to sum up the lessons that I've learned in these 40 weeks, some were fun, some were downright miserable, but I do know this.  All of them are worth the moment I meet our son.

1. If you don't have a sense of humor, get one.  Fast.

2. Leggings are heaven.

3. It's perfectly acceptable to barf in bushes or at your friends' houses.  May even earn you some street cred.

4. Morning sickness is the devil.  If you have it bad, just do whatever weird trick seems to work.

5. Just like every BODY is different, every pregnancy body is too.  Own Yours.

6. If you receive unsolicited pregnancy advice that you think is weird, keep this in mind; 'Good for her. Not for me.' (Thanks Amy Poehler)

7. Google is your best friend, and your worst enemy.

8. Water really does solve a lot of pregnancy aches and pains.  Drink as much of it as you can handle.  Then drink more of it.

9. Hearing the heartbeat for the first time.  The best.  Crying is totally acceptable.

10. The more you realize you don't have control, the better off you'll be.

11. If people offer to help you, take it.

12. Get the pedicure.  Don't question this.

13. Stretch marks aren't preventable.  But it does make you feel better to slather coconut oil all over, so do it anyway.

14. You can have the cup of coffee.

15. Give in to some of those cravings, but not all.  Just like in real life, it's about balance.

16. Go to as many movies as you can, those days are numbered.

17. IVF is how we're able to have our son.  Regardless of how your baby gets here, just know that you were meant to be their mom, and they were meant to be your child.  And that's' all there is to it.

18. It's okay to feel the urge to punch people in the face if you feel miserable and they say 'enjoy the miracle!'...but don't actually do it.

19.  Get used to your doctor saying 'yep, that can happen', when you say your arm just fell off...or I mean, whatever pregnancy symptom you're having.  I could be over exaggerating on the arm.  But for real, everything is normal when you're pregnant.

20. Those hormones...they're tough.

21. Be around GOOD people, fill yourself up with GOOD info, head to church.  Take care of those emotions, just as much as you take care of your body, and your little baby.

22. Shaving is tricky.  The higher you go, the less you'll see.

23. Using your bump as a shelf while you eat is really fun.

24. Your nose becomes Sherlock Holmes, I'm pretty sure he'd be jealous of it's super power.

25. Don't drive yourself crazy with all of the pregnancy eating rules.  Know what they are, and follow the biggies, but just remember, there'll come a day when you order the pizza and eat it all...and you won't Google a dang thing.

26. Your friends who have been pregnant before you are usually pretty wise people.  Learn from them.

27. It's okay to say 'I don't like being pregnant' when things are real bad.  You're not a bad person, or a bad mom, you're just having a bad day.  Please reference the pedicure lesson listed above when this happens.

28. When entering any unknown building or house, spot out the nearest bathroom.  You'll need it soon.

29. Waking up in the middle of the night 20 times to pee isn't fun.  Getting up in the morning to see that you've lost 3 pounds since yesterday is fun.  Take the good with the bad.

30. Everyone thinks that their opinion is right.  Learn to manage your own filter on what to accept, and what to toss.

31. Exercising is a lot of work, but do it if you're able. You'll feel better, I promise.

32. Shakeology helps you avoid one common pregnancy symptom.  Constipation.  Seriously, it's worth every penny for that reason alone.

33. Husband's hands on your bump during kicks, and seeing his face light up when he feels movement.  The best.

34.  Pregnancy pillows are the bomb.  Really, all the pillows are.  Surround yourself with as many as you want.

35.  Organize the files, clean out the closets, sterilize everything, and accept that you're 'nesting'.  Even though that word annoys me.

36. During my birthing class, the nurse said to us, 'you will not earn extra crowns in heaven for how you give birth.  It doesn't matter how anyone else you know gave birth.  Regardless of what your plan is, or how things actually happen, you will have a beautiful baby.'  I haven't gone through labor, but I appreciated every word and wanted to include it in this list in case someone needed to hear it.

37.  Don't be bitter to the friend who seems to have an 'easy pregnancy', there may be something that's not so easy about it that she doesn't want to share.  Or, even if it is as easy as she says, be happy for her, happiness trumps bitterness every time.

38. Repeat this with me: Every pregnant woman does have her baby.  For all my fellow 40+ week peeps.

39. Go nuts on that nursery if you want.  It's okay to make a big deal about things, this IS a big deal.

40. Accept that pregnancy is a shining example that nothing worth doing is easy.  It effects every part of you possible, and that's a hard thing.  But knowing that little life could have your nose, your laugh, along with their own wonderful and unique qualities.  That you'll be the first person they'll see, the person who teaches them how to love, how to view this world, heck, how to go to the bathroom.  That's a pretty amazing role.  So, it makes sense that we've gotta go through the ringer a little to earn that title.  Take this time before your little nugget gets here and focus on that.  To me, that's the beauty of the whole thing.  And a huge privilege that YOU were solely chosen for.  No one else.  Seriously, what a gift.

Thanks for reading, friends.


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