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Calvin & Hobbes Nursery: A How-To Guide for the Non-DIYer

I think it's important to understand your style of decorating before you embark on a big project.  That being said, I've determined that I'm okay with a few things that I can make, but honestly, I'm a collector.

I absolutely love heading to a store, antique shop, or estate sale and slowly piecing together our home.

Which has been totally fine for the past eight years, because hey, I was in no rush!  But putting this nursery together had me in a bit of a time crunch, and, once we knew the theme, we had to figure out how to put it together, and turn it into something that is honestly, my favorite room in our home now.

For those that have stumbled across this page because you also want to create a Calvin and Hobbes nursery, know this.  I feel your pain!  Aside from the comic books, there is nothing that is officially 'Calvin and Hobbes'.  AND, if you are not a DIY-er (like me), then you'll really feel like you're up a creek.  I remember watching in awe a documentary about how Bill Watterson has always refused to release the rights to his beloved characters, and thought it was pretty honorable.  But as I put this nursery together, I cursed Bill's name, ha.  Having a Calvin and Hobbes nursery was my husband's idea a long time ago,  when we were just talking about having kids, and lucky for him, our first is a boy, and I was so excited to get on board with the idea.  If you've read even one comic strip of Calvin and Hobbes (I mean, of course you read more than one, how can you not?), you know that there is something special about it, the way he intertwines a little boys' funny imagination with a mixture of sometimes philosophical and deep meaning is not anything you can capture in any other comic.  So, obviously, I had to sort out how to decorate this nursery, DIY-er or not.

The Mural

The first thing to happen was this absolutely amazing mural.

Remember how I told you that I'm not a DIY-er?  Well, I can't take any credit at all for this.  Thankfully, my husband's sister, who is incredibly talented did this for us.  I can tell you that she completed the initial outline for the painting using a projector, and, if we did not have a completely talented and gifted family member to do it, I may have attempted that myself....but the shading, the leaves, along with her interpretation of Calvin and Hobbes, most certainly did not come from stenciling from the projector.  However, if you plan to do a mural yourself, getting a projector, finding the image you want, and beginning to stencil it is going to be the best place to start.

Crib & Hobbes Doll

Once the mural was done, I definitely had the colors that I wanted to use throughout the room, and figured the best method was to accent a few Calvin and Hobbes decorations, but mostly, it was going to be tying the colors together.

I really wanted a 'woodsy' crib, and while I did find one much more expensive than this at Babies R Us, I could not justify spending $1,000 on something that would be drooled on, pooped in, puked in, and who knows what else!  I love to have things look nice, but, it just seemed ridiculous to me.  So, I found this crib on Amazon, and it was a lot less expensive, and, is a convertible crib as well, so we should get a lot of use out of it!  

Here is the link, if you're interested in checking it out:  Dream on Me: 5 in 1 Pecan Crib

The Hobbes doll that you see in the picture, was, again, a gift from one of my husband's other sisters (it really helps to know people, ha!), she didn't tell me how she made, but, I did see the Hobbes doll on Etsy from various sellers, and also, patterns if that's your thing.  

The Rug

I knew I wanted a rug in this room, because, well, our carpet is white, and thought I might try my best to save it from any bodily fluids.  Again, I was a little price conscious because of the bodily fluids issues, and I found this really cute one on Amazon.  It's technically a bathroom/kitchen rug but I kind of liked that about it because it seemed a little more durable in my opinion.  Our son isn't here yet, so we haven't tested out the durability part of it, but it seems like it'll be just fine.

Here is the link for it: Orange Rug

The Dresser

Now, I have to tell you, this was one item that I did DIY, and, I'm totally patting myself on the back for it, ha.  A friend gave this dresser to us, and it was missing the top drawer.  So, we decided to put a wooden panel on the missing drawer, and put a quote on it.  

I used the leftover blue paint from the nursery for the drawers.
I spray painted the top and sides white.
We bought a basic wood panel from Home Depot for the empty drawer space.
We replaced the knobs with some that we liked from Home Depot.
I used a lettering stencil, and a black paint marker from Michael's for the quote.
For the Rocket Ship, I found an image on the internet (it had to be very basic, my skills are limited!), and freehanded it as best as I could using the paint markers.

All in all, I spent about $30 making this.  

Trust me, if I can do it, you can do it.  This is not my thing, but I was really happy with the way it turned out.

Odds & Ends

The extra things that you see are again, items that I found.  The diaper changing table was a total Craigslist find and matched perfectly with the crib, so for $30 I thought that was definitely worth it!  The orange and gray changing cover and pad were both items that I registered for at Babies R Us.  And the painting on the wall was painted by yet another very talented sister of mine.  You'd think with me being surrounded by all these artists I'd have a little creativity....I just totally mooch off of theirs though! 

The cloth drawers were from Amazon, along with the Calvin and Hobbes complete collection that you see on the dresser, here are the links for both: 

This adorable light switch plate was an Etsy find from my sister.  I'm not sure of who the seller is, as I didn't purchase, but I am sure if you look it up, you'll find it!  Even the little screw that fits in along the log is painted brown!  They did a wonderful job!

I found this really cute tree hook on Amazon for $10, I thought it would be perfect for hanging his diaper bag and little jackets on.  I considered buying a couple more, but thought I'd start here and see if I had a use for a second or third one.  Here is the link! Branch Hook

All in all, I learned that Amazon, Michael's, and my family members were my best friends throughout this project.  If you look on Etsy, you will find a plethora of really cute Calvin and Hobbes nursery items, that will help to accent your room.  My best advice is to have a few key pieces and then match with coordinating colors to really help those key pieces stand out.  

Now, we just need to make sure this kid likes Calvin and Hobbes :)

Best of luck in your nursery endeavors!


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