Monday, October 10, 2016

Day 1: Top Tips in Prepping for the Ultimate Reset


You would think with the vast amount of veggies you eat for this program that would mean LESS are mistaken my friend.  But it's not anything you can't handle, much like pretty much everything else, if you really want to be successful at this, you'll take the steps you need to make it happen.  And that's what this post is all about. 

Here's how I'm prepping as I go for the Ultimate Reset.  Granted, I'm on Day one, and I'm sure I'll learn additional things as I go, but for now, here's how I started this program and felt that I started it with excitement, preparedness, and most of all, the correct mind set.

-Decide WHEN you're going to do it: Pre-baby, I would have chosen to do this program when my husband wasn't home, he comes and goes a lot for his job and because of that, we tend to 'celebrate; that he's home by going out to eat a lot.  But as I read through the Ultimate Reset guidebook, I saw that days 4 and 5 are particularly tiring, so I wanted to do it while he's here for ateast the first week.  Normally, it's recommended that you start it on a Wednesday so you have the weekend to rest, but, I don't have a traditional job, and I knew what I would need....I recommend that you do the same.

-Make Your List: Unless you already have a largely vegetarian or vegan diet, you're grocery list is going to be massive, and, if I'm being honest a little more pricey...particularly the first time you go because you're buying a lot of the pantry items (there are a lot of different oils, herbs, and nuts that you need).  So, what I did was make the list of everything that I needed just for week one.  Then, I sorted out what I already had, took my list of what I hadn't crossed off yet, and shocked the pants off of the cashier with the massive amount of produce I had. 

-Prep Your Food: There's a lot you can do to make life a little easier throughout the week.  So you're not having to constantly be in your kitchen and washing dishes.  Here's a few things that I did:

          -Made my dressings ahead of time.
          -Added the Mineralize ahead of time to the gallon jugs of distilled water
          -Toasted all of the nuts ahead of time (heehee, sorry, my sense of humor is still immature)

-Visualize: I sometimes wish visualization was called something else, because it tends to freak people out.  I don't know....maybe 'goal setting in your mind'....visualization just works.  There is nothing strange about this process, aside from the fact that you just may not have tried it out yet.  The Ultimate Reset is a mental game.  I haven't heard of one person who does it that says otherwise.  Only because you are just so focused on your food, and let's face it, most of us have a pretty unhealthy relationship with food, so you've got to prepare yourself for the mental battles that you'll face.  I did this by simply closing my eyes (I typically do it right after I wake up), and I picture how good I'll feel at the end of the 21 days, I think about how it will feel to have my clothes be looser, how much clearer my skin will be, how accomplished I'll feel as I prep my meals each other words I get really, really specific.  I've even pictured how I slice up the veggies...I have tried really hard to think about the PROCESS and also the end goal.

-Make a Check List: Pictured below is my little 'Reset Corner' I created in my kitchen.  Basically, anytime that I have to head into the kitchen to eat something, it was put on this check list.  Again, it helps with that visualization a little because every night I'm going to have to erase this when the day is done, and then write out the next day.  I have plans for my plans....because I refuse to fail at this.


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