Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ultimate Reset Cost: Is it Worth it?

I realize that I am only on day 3 of the reset, so it may seem a little hopeful of me to already tell you all that I feel as though this is worth it in terms of the money that I've spent....but I have had many friends that have gone through this program, and although I am not a nutrition expert, I can tell you that based on what I see in the coming days and weeks for my program, I know that this is going to be worth the cost.

The Ultimate Reset is the most expensive program that Beachbody has to offer.  It even beat out the amazing Tony Horton!  So why are a bunch of powders worth it? 

First of all, there's a load of science that goes into this particular program.  The creators of the Ultimate Reset thought of everything (just like they do with Shakeology!).  They could easily have made a 'cleanse' that has you running to the bathroom every 10 minutes....that apparently is quite easy to do unfortunately.

But they stepped up their game.

This cleanse is GENTLE.  It takes your body through three phases of change not because they want to charge you more money, but because they legit CARE about your body and what happens to it when you had enough faith to type in your credit card number and order this crazy program that came with a bracelet.

Yeah.  They care enough to give you a bracelet.  I know that sounds dumb....but they know how freaking hard the Ultimate Reset is...and they want to give you EVERY TOOL that they could think of to battle against our toughest nemesis; ourselves.

So if giving you a bracelet that reminds you of the promise that you made to yourself to NOT eat the sleeve of Oreos...they want to give it to you.

Each supplement that you take during the Ultimate Reset was hand crafted for the specific phase that you're in.  Everything is VERY precise throughout this process....they even tell you what time you should eat, and when you should start this program.

People pay $5,000 to be in the same room as Tony Robbins.  Why?

Because of what they hope to gain from his vast knowledge of helping people be successful.

Think of the Ultimate Reset that way.  It's not what it does for you on the outside....but what it does for you on the INSIDE....both physically and mentally.  That is what you are paying for. 

Now....on to the grocery list.

My first grocery receipt was $230....for the first week.

I didn't buy anything else.

I tried my best to buy everything organic with the exception of a couple of items that I just couldn't find in that section.

And granted, the first week you are buying up a lot of oils, spices....pantry items.  So we'll see what week two brings.  But honestly, it doesn't bother me.

Because I am buying myself THE very best. 

With quite often get what you pay for.  And if you want the $5 Hot 'n Ready that's fine....but that's terrible for your body....and you'll pay the price...goodness knows I have.

I view these three weeks as giving myself a GIFT of nutrition. Don't get me wrong, the gift of Ben and Jerry's sounds pretty dang good too.  But I know that I'll feel better than I have in ages...and to me, you can't put a price on that. 

So yeah.  This program is pricey, and so is all of the prep work for it. 

But so is going to the doctor.

There's that saying 'would you rather pay the farmer, or the doctor?', and right now, I'll take the farmer. 

Thanks for reading, friends. 


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