Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ultimate Reset Day 13: Shopping Lists for all Phases

I realize that I've gone this entire time without giving you the tools that I have been finding SO incredibly helpful.

The first week, I didn't have these precious lists (because I didn't think to look for them), and I went through each day, each recipe to figure out everything that I needed.  It was a lot of work, ha.

But here they are, a shopping list for all three organizes and alphabetizes was so wonderful to have for the other two weeks.

Here they are:

Phase 1 Shopping List

Phase 2 Shopping List

Phase 3 Shopping List
These came straight from Beachbody, so I can't take any credit for them.  I was going to make my own, but, this is perfect for what you need!

The other tool that I found very, very helpful was to join the Ultimate Reset Facebook groups, there's one for each phase, and it's a wonderful way to get a little more support from people who are going through the specific phase that you are, as well as, people who have already been through it.

And, if you choose to do the Ultimate Reset with me as your coach, I always host monthly challenge groups, and would love to join in supporting you, and being available if you have questions, or need an extra 'you've got this' when the Ben & Jerry's is calling....or I mean....whatever. ;)

Thanks for reading, friends.


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