Sunday, October 23, 2016

Ultimate Reset Day 14: Two Week Results!

It's day 14.

I've eaten nothing but fruits and veggies for the majority of this week.

I've gotta say, I miss G R A I N.

Like, really bad.

I thought once the first week was over it would be smooth sailing, but only fruits and veggies was something I don't think I've ever done....even in my healthiest of moments...I always had grains of some kind each day...even if it was just a piece of toast.

So that was tough.

Glad it's over, ha.

Onto Week Three!

Oh, and p.s. I have lost NINE pounds so far.  I can't even believe it.  Clothes are fitting SO much better....all the stuff in my wardrobe that's supposed to fit loosely finally is.  It's not just the clothes...each day I feel more and more like 'me' again.

That's not to say that I need to feel 'skinny' to be me, but I need to feel good, and for me, part of feeling good is fitting into my old clothes instead of having to buy new ones.  Up until this particular point in my life, I didn't care very much about weight, but this time was different.  I weighed more than I ever had, and I knew that that would absolutely be a larger (no pun intended, ha!) part of this journey than it had before.

Later on, I want my goals to shift into building muscle back, core strength, things like that.  But I wanted a FOUNDATION to build on...and that foundation began with my nutrition.

This program has been very challenging for me.  It's been hard for me to stay organized with my meals, timing them out, eating things I'm not used to eating, and of course staying on track with what I'm supposed to do.

I can do hard things.  You can do hard things.  We just need to have the determination to succeed.

Thanks for reading, friends.


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