Monday, October 24, 2016

Ultimate Reset Day 15: Emotions on the Reset

Tonight I wanted to chat about the emotions that go on while on the Ultimate Reset.  It may sound silly, but when you think about it, it's not.  After all...the reason that we like caffeine so much is because it makes us feel better.  More energy.  More focused.  So, when we take these things away it effects us not only physically, but mentally too.

The first week on the Reset, I was pretty cranky, I had a headache, and overall, I was just pretty irritable.  However, I had heard that that could happen and I knew that it just had to get better!

Now that I'm in the the third week I can tell you that I feel more resolute in my emotions.  No more crankiness, no headaches, a lot less sleepy.  And not only that, as each day passes I am more and more focused on finishing this challenge strong.  I've realized how much I rely on a cupcake or whatever to help me through a stressful situation, because I've definitely had a few since I've started this challenge.  Anytime something stressful happened, or, after it was over, I immediately thought about my old stand-bys of running through a drive-thru, grabbing a coffee.  And the more I actually took notice of this, the more determined I felt to finish.  I do believe there is absolutely a place of balance.  I can tell you with great certainty that I'll have a cookie, I'll grab a coffee.  But I think the difference will be that I won't have to rely on them.  The control is back in my corner.  And I know now what makes my body feel good and fueled right.  And I've gotta say, that is pretty priceless in my book.

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