Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Ultimate Reset Day 2: The Headache

So, I'm hangin' out over here on day two of the Ultimate Reset, and there's a few observations that I've got to tell you about:

-I'm getting the hang of taking the Alkilinize...yikes...it's bringing back memories of when I had guinea pigs, because that's exactly what it smells like.

-Every recipe I had today was amazing.

-The headache that everyone talked about is real.

To be fair, since I had four different recipes, I think that counts four times as much as the headache OR the alkalinize. 

To help with my headache I laid down for about 20 minutes, and then, I also took a shower.  It's still there, but a lot more dull.  I love the ritual of having a cup of coffee in the morning, but I probably only drink 1 cup a day... if that.  However, I do tend to use other forms of caffeine, like pre-workout and soda (yikes, I know, it's terrible).  So, mine hasn't (yet) been as severe as maybe someone who drinks multiple cups of coffee a day, it was definitely enough to effect me.

Hands down, dinner has been a winner BOTH days.  I loved the salmon I had yesterday, and today, I loved the southwestern veggie 'taco'.  Mine ended up being a bowl because the corn tortilla was just kind of messy once I tried to fit everything in it. 

I know I'm only on day two, so I'm a total newbie still, but, so far, the recipes are LEGIT.  And, what's even MORE amazing is that these delicious recipes are completely whole, clean recipes that have absolutely no refined sugars or anything.  Kind of amazing.

Until tomorrow friends!  Thanks for reading! 


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