Saturday, October 29, 2016

Ultimate Reset Day 20: Green Apples

I gotta tell you, I am learning so much from being on the Reset.  There are a lot of rules while eating on the Reset and all of it has to do with the specific health benefit of certain foods.  

It shouldn't surprise me that different veggies and fruits give us different benefits...but the one that was surprising to me was that specific apples give us different benefits as to other apples.  

This may be old news to you, but it was really interesting to me.

On the Reset, you can only have green apples. 

Why is that?

-They are high in fiber, so they keep your digestion moving...hence the reason a cleanse diet is suggesting you eat them.

-Green apples can ease digestion due to the enzymes in it.  So if you've eaten something that's disagreeing with a green apple and it'll help settle your stomach!

-Because of the high levels of fiber, they can also help to lower your cholesterol

-Green apples have lots of antioxidants!

Kind of cool, right?

Thanks for reading, friends.


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