Friday, October 14, 2016

Ultimate Reset Day 5: The Weekend Blahs

I'm just going to tell you.  I want a snack SO BAD right now.

I can picture it even....Ghirardelli dark chocolate filled with sea salt caramel...oh my gosh...this sucks.

You see weekends are when things are 'fun', aka, we eat out, stay up late, watch movies and have snacks.  I know it doesn't sound like anything spectacular, but trust me, I love it!

And those treats are a big part of the weekend.

But not this weekend....or the next two. 

I'm telling myself over and over....and over today that I made a PROMISE to myself.

And after lots of thinking about it, I'm not actually hungry, I just really want that chocolate.

You might say to yourself, who cares?  Eat the chocolate.

You don't understand though....that chocolate...would somehow turn into a pancake breakfast tomorrow, some pasta at night, and maybe even a burger for lunch on Sunday...none of which are on the Ultimate Reset (shocker, ha).

So that's why I'm saying no. 

I keep thinking about day 21 and how amazing I will feel not just because my body will feel good, but because I'll know that there were NO cheats, that I stuck to my promise...that I accomplished the goal.

So day five, I'll whole heartedly tell you that you suck.

But day 21....I'm coming for you.

Thanks for reading, friends. 


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