Monday, October 17, 2016

Ultimate Reset Day 8: The Supplements

So tonight, I want to chat about the supplements that come with The Ultimate Reset.

Before I start, I want you to know, I'm not a nutritionist, and aside from what I have personally read in the program guide about these supplements I don't have any continuing knowledge.  Basically, for those that are curious, but do not have a program guide quite yet, and want to know what's up with these supplements, this is me summarizing what the guide says.

Also, I'll let you know my personal thoughts on each one in terms on how it tastes, how I think it's affected me, and what it's like taking them each day.

Phase 1, Week 1: Reclaim

For this first week, you're taking three supplements and you take them each day.

Mineralize: You'll be taking this in all three phases.  And what this is, is pure crystal salt that has up to 70 natural minerals and elements.  Why can't you just buy some table salt and call it good?  Because table salt these days is highly processed and contains pretty much NO minerals and elements.  It makes our food taste salty.  That's it.  This is the real deal, and you add 1/4 tsp. to every gallon of distilled water that you purchase (I'll chat about distilled water in a later blog post!).  I honestly, can't taste it at all when I add it to my water, so it makes no difference to me when I'm drinking it up, which is great, ha!

Alkalinize: This is another supplement that you'll take through all three phases.   It's a powder, and you drink it once a day with about 2 ounces of water.  What this does for you is that it neutralizes excess acid in your body. gives you a strong immune system, and improves your pH level.  What is a pH level?  So glad you asked!  Because I honestly had to look it up...I had heard of it before, but I was always like 'oh yeah...pH levels....' and didn't know what it meant.  pH stands for potential for hydrogen, often times if this is off we'll start to feel tired, depressed, lack energy, have leg cramps...all kinds of things!  So, this helps to bring it back to it's proper level so you'll start to feel better.  And I've gotta tell you I DO have more energy despite the fact that I haven't a drop of caffeine in eight days, I'm not tired, and those negative thoughts...they just aren't there at the moment.  So, what's in the Alkalinize?  Alfalfa grass, barley grass, kamut grass, and wheat grass. my opinion this doesn't taste all that great.  I initially struggled with it.  Some people really like it, so I hate to even give my opinion...taste can be so subjective, but that's my two cents on it.  Being on day 8, I will say I'm getting used to it so that's been good!

Optimize: Yet again, you'll be using this through all three phases.  Optimize helps your body run more effectively by putting loads of enzymes back into it.  What are enzymes?  Enzymes are responsible for just about every bodily function....digestion, reproduction, growth, name it enzymes helps with it!  I can't say that I've noticed specific functions running better than they were before, but, in general, I'm feeling loads better than I did before so, I'm thinking that it's doing its job.  This is in a pill form so there's not too much to say about the taste, just swallow it and go!

Soothe: This will be the final supplement that you take throughout the entire program.  Soothe is exactly what it sounds like.  It helps to support the body's natural anti-inflammatory response and gently cleanses the intestinal tract.  What's in it that helps it do this?  Aloe Vera and curcumin.  This is a pill that you take at the end of each day, so, again, tasteless.

Week 2, Phase 2: Release

Detox: This is the only supplement that is added to the above, and, I think this one is kinda self-explanatory.  There are loads of detox powders out there however, this one does NOT have you running to the bathroom.  You don't need to stay home from work this week, or change your plans, it's nothing crazy.  You do go to the bathroom more, but, it's not all that dramatic.  And that's about as much as I want to say about that, ha.  This doesn't just cleanse you, it restores and resets your digestion.  Hence, the reason that I love this program.  What's in it that allows it to do this? Chia seed, milk thistle, garlic, turmeric, aloe vera, camu camu, ginger, flax powder, peppermint, along with a few other things as well!  I'll be honest, I do not like this stuff.  It's a genuine struggle for me at this point due to the texture of it.  I'm just a texture kinda gal, so it's not the greatest at this point.  But, I know that this is good for my body, so, I'm powering through.  When you use the powder you mix it with about 8 ounces of water.

Week 3, Phases 3: Restore

Revitalize: I'm not at phase three yet so I can't give you any personal experience on it, but, it is in a pill form so I'm assuming that it'll be pretty easy to handle.  Revitalize has both, pro and pre-biotics in it which means that it will help to continue to restore your digestive tract after the second week.

And that, in a nutshell explains the supplements.  Feel free to ask me questions, I'll answer them as best as I can, and feel free to do your own research as well!

Thanks for reading, friends!


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