Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ultimate Reset & Exercise: Should They Mix?

Woop!  Officially in the double digits of this program!  I continue to have late night cravings....I actually have chocolate covered pomegranates in my pantry and I'm playing this weird mind game with myself that I cannot have them.  It makes me feel stronger than simply throwing them away, ha.

Also, I am officially down 6 pounds...I can't even tell you how happy I am with that.  That's with absolutely zero occasional walk or yoga, but that's what brings me to the point of this particular post.  Exercise.

In the program manual, they suggest walking, yoga, and tai chi.  And if you're reading this and think, why?!  I want to do my cardio!  I want to lift my weights!  Let me tell you, your body is going through it's internal workout during this program, which is why it's recommended that you take it easy.

You're colon is being cleansed, your digestive tract is having a serious overhaul, the first few days you may experience headaches due to caffeine withdrawal (I experienced that on Day 2, but it varies for people).  There's a lot of physical and mental challenges that are occurring.  We like to joke that we NEED chocolate,  we NEED coffee, we NEED pizza....but it's not really a joke.  Those things had a powerful hold on me before all this, and they still do.  And experiencing that is hard.  You might even call it a workout.

That's why it's best that if you're going to work out your body, you do it in a way that helps you relax your mind too.

I know.

I sound kinda zen.

But I say it because it's true.

So take these 21 days to focus on your body in a way that you might never have before.  You deserve it.

Thanks for reading, friends.


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