Sunday, October 30, 2016

What I learned from the Ultimate Reset

The Ultimate Reset has been one of the most difficult, but also, most rewarding programs I've ever completed.

So I thought it only fitting that I share 21 lessons that I've learned from this experience.  

1. I can in fact, survive without sugar or caffeine for three weeks.

2. Our bodies truly are FUELED by what we eat.  If you eat crap, you feel like crap.  And the scary thing is, you may not even know it if you haven't given yourself the opportunity to eat GOOD.

3. That whole idea of 'you can't out exercise a bad diet', is true. And, I now know that exercise is important....but is SO important.

4. A glass of water in the morning absolutely wakes me up much more quickly than coffee ever could...and I don't get shaky from it.  Bonus points. ;)

5. Our digestive system, when we pay attention to it, is really pretty amazing.  And when we treat it well, it will treat us well.  If we don't...well...that's when we're running to the bathroom.

6. Not all vegetables and fruits are created equal!  Each one can do something very specific (and beneficial) for our bodies.

7. You truly can eat on a pretty strict regimen and have it taste REALLY good.

8. I still don't love salad...but I now know there are some good ones out there....that aren't covered in ranch.

9. Taking care of my body allows me to be able to spend more energy in helping to care for others....especially my little guy.

10. I genuinely like seaweed.

11. About 60% of the recipes were japanese based....I'm thinking they are onto something.  And it makes me want to explore cooking in that style more.

12.  Meal Planning is something that I was TERRIBLE at before all of this....I'm still not great at it, but I know I can do it successfully and I can tell you it 100% attributed to my success.  You HAVE to meal plan if you hope to be healthy in your eating.  It's too hard to fly by the seat of your pants.

13.  Water makes you feel amazing.  Like, TRULY amazing.  

14. I didn't always eat at the same time everyday, my little guy didn't always allow that, but I kept pressing on...this was huge.  My perfectionism often gets in the way when I haven't quite met up to my expectations.

15. I'm now a pro at loading my dishwasher the most efficiently I ever many. dishes.

16. Food is for fuel.  Not for happiness.  I'm not saying I'll never enjoy my food again...but food doesn't have to be emotional.  It's not about 'what do I feel like' all the time, it should be about 'what does my body need?'

17. If you do 90% of your shopping on the perimeter of the store, you're doing something right. (this is where the fruits and veggies are!)

18. Cooking with all kinds of different oils is really fun, and makes food taste amazing.

19. Having a good support system when you're doing something like this essential!  A special shout out to my Ultimate Reset gals, and my husband, who is always cheering me on.

20.  I can do hard things.

21.  And I can be successful when I do them.

Thanks for reading, friends.


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