Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A DIALED IN meal plan: This ain't yo' mama's food pyramid.

I'm going on ONE year post partum in just two short weeks!

I also have an event coming up that I want to be in TIP TOP shape for in eight weeks.

So, there are some drastic things that need to happen NOW.

Some may look at me, and think 'you look great, why are you so worried?'

You've got it all wrong, my friend.

I'm not worried, I'm driven.

It's not that I think that where I'm at is bad, but I'm striving for better.

I am currently 15 pounds away from my pre-IVF weight, and 20 pounds from my ideal weight.  And, that ideal weight isn't from when I was in highschool, or something unrealistic...it's from 2 years ago.

Some people strive for different things...I think that when people strive for abs, or a cleaned up diet, or really, anything that has to do with their bodies or what they put in their bodies...you get some naysayers.  I have a few theories for why that is, but that's not what this post is about.

So, the first thing that I want to say about this meal plan, is that it's one that is temporary.

'Why would you do something that you can't always do?!'

Here's the thing...people do things in seasons all the time...and there are times that I think it's good to change up your food...try new stuff, see how your body is going to react to it.

It's often how people discover that they have sensitivities or food allergies.  Or how you find out if your body responds well to certain foods, and not as great with others.

Here's what I know so far about my body:

-I'm not intolerant to dairy, but a bowl of icecream, or definitely a milkshake is going to hurt my stomach.
-I do not have ups and downs in my energy or my mood when I don't have sugar.
-I feel my BEST when I cut out grains (or have very little...maybe oatmeal or toast in the morning)
-I will lose weight when I fill UP on lots of veggies, very few fruits, and lots of protein.
-(mentally) I do best when I have a PRECISE and simple meal plan to follow...not something that allows me to fill in the blanks.

Now, even though I know ALL OF THIS...it hasn't stopped me from having a Pepsi, celebrating my husband is home by having pizza, or eating some chocolate...okay, a lot of chocolate.

Old habits...whew..they die hard...and mine are still present at times.

But for these next 8 weeks, I intend on dialing it in.  After that, I absolutely intend on incorporating more fruit and grains...because I love bread, and strawberries taste like candy.  ;)


Meal Prep Containers have been really helpful..you don't need them, but they have helped me organize.  If you'd like some, check out Amazon, there are a TON to choose from, and they are pretty inexpensive.  Here's a link to the ones I purchases, but again, look around to see if there's different ones that you'd prefer:

Meal Prep Containers


Everyday, this is what I'm eating:

3 servings of 6-8 oz. of protein
Unlimited Veggies (within a 1500 calorie bracket)
1 serving of fruit
2 servings of Shakeology

So, what does that look like in real life?  Here's how I've planned it so far this week:

3 eggs scramble w/ spinach & a red bell pepper w/ Frank's hot sauce

Shakeology w/ 1 cup almond milk, 1/2 banana

Salad: 8 ozs. chicken, spinach, carrots & tomatoes w/ two tsp. balsamic vinaigrette

Chicken dinner: 8 ozs. chicken w/ steamed broccoli & zucchini w/ liquid aminos

Shakeology w/ 2 tsp. peanut butter


Now you can have pretty much any protein source you want...chicken just happened to be on sale this week, ha!  And, I personally find it easier to prep without cooking a bunch of different things...and I don't mind that my meals are pretty similar throughout the week.  But if you need more variety, just switch out different proteins & veggies.

I am NOT hungry....and I'm not just saying that.  I legit am not.  By the time I get to feeling hungry, it's time for another meal.

I am drinking a LOT of water...about 3-4 cups that are 25 ozs. each.  So, lots of running to the bathroom, but worth it!  I feel SO good!  Also, as an alternative, I do have sparkling water....because this is something that's trending, you can find them pretty inexpensively.  The more popular brands are LaCroix and Perrier...but I've been buying the Kroger brand these days.

This is BASICALLY the Countdown to Competition plan from the 21 Day Fix, but this plan was derived from a nutritionist that a friend of mine went to.

Normally, it's recommended to have just ONE Shakeology per day, but again, this is a SEASON, I've got some significant goals, and if for some reason I don't like the way I feel, I'll take it down to one.  But this is the easiest way to get a LOT of nutrients in one swoop...so I'm trying it out.


So, for 12 meals my groceries cost $62.47

This bought:

1 pound of ground turkey
3 pounds of chicken
2 1/2 gallons of almond milk
balsamic vinaigrette
dozen eggs
2 containers of grape tomatoes
4 bell peppers
4 onions
12 pack of seltzer water
2 garlic cloves
2 bunches of bananas
1 container of spinach
1 package of baby carrots

About 90% of these groceries were organic, including the meat!  This week was slightly unique because of the great deal on the chicken, that helped a TON.  But aside from that, a couple of things were $1 off, so, you may spend slightly more than I did...and I will probably spend slightly more at my next grocery visit.

Also, Shakeology is a cost as well, and for a 30 day supply (1 scoop per day) it's $130.  I have quite a bit of here at our house because we're stocking up for a big trip.  So again, if you decide to do one scoop per day, I personally, think that's fine, but just be sure you are eating another meal of protein and veggies.

I'm on day two of this meal plan, and I truly am loving it.  I feel really good, Shakeology is curbing my sweet cravings, and my stomach already feels a lot less bloated.

I hope that this helps if you are on a road of trying to dial in a few things and cleaning up your diet.  I don't believe that ANY meal plan is the end all, be all.  I personally like to change it up, I like to have treats, but ultimately, it's going to take clean eating and doing some measure of keeping track of what you're doing if you want to see and feel changes.

Thanks for reading, friends!


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