Friday, May 26, 2017

Before & After: One Year Post Partum

I have NEVER shown that picture on the left.
That was me 8 weeks post partum.
I had JUST received the all-clear from my doctor that I could exercise. And believe it or not, I had ALREADY lost 20 pounds of fluid & swelling from my time at the hospital.
I snapped this picture because I wanted to show my TRUE beginning of my post partum journey.
The thought in my head when I took it?
'I have got a long way to go...but I'm going.'
I was actually pretty empowered that day. I have been fit before, and I was, and am determined to be fit again.
The picture on the RIGHT, is me, today. Here's what's gone on over the past year:
<3 I have graduated from FOUR Beachbody programs.
<3 I drink Shakeology daily.
<3 I was incredibly imperfect over the holidays, and had to gain some of my hard work BACK.
<3 I supported other women on their own health & fitness path
It's crazy that when you HELP others, it makes you help YOU more.
By encouraging other women, I realized that I couldn't eat the sleeve of Oreos.
I had to PRACTICE what I PREACH. And I continue to do that month after month.
June 5th I'm going to have an EXCLUSIVE challenge group that is committed to NOT ONLY health & fitness. But looking at our fears, and give them a huge slap across the face.
Health & Fitness is PARTLY about our physical bodies. But it is MOSTLY about our minds, and what we tell ourselves.
I have been on BOTH sides of that coin.
And I can tell you, the fearless side is kinda scary, but really fun....especially if you have friends right there with you.
Will you join us? Are you ready to say I am sick & tired of SAYING I'll do this, and now I'm GOING to do this.
Take it from the girl who it took a year to post her 8 weeks post partum can do this. And I will be RIGHT THERE with you. <3
If you are interested, please fill out this one page form --------->  Challenge Group Form

I will get back with you within 24 hours of receiving it so we can chat about what is going to work best for you!  Excited to get started!

Thanks for reading, friends.


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