Monday, July 3, 2017

Keto Friendly Shakeology Fat Bomb Recipe

Hi Friends!  So, if you follow me on Facebook, I just chatted for a bit about my recent discovery into the high fat, low carb world.  I won't go into it in this particular post as I know that you just wanna know how to make these amazing fat bombs, but to give you a BRIEF idea, since I started on this high fat, low carb diet I have:

Lost SEVEN pounds
Mood is WAY better.
Clarity & Focus are actually a thing.

I will definitely chat more about my decision to try this out in a later blog but for now, I wanted to share this amazing discovery.

A friend of mine shared her recipe with me, but I tweeked it a bit and left out the sweetener that she had added, so, without further adieu, the Shakeology Fat Bomb!

If you'd like her recipe, please go here.

Her is recipe is JUST like mine, I just took out the sweetener.

Time to make: 10 minutes 
Serves: 12

Nutrition Info: 

11 g Net Carbs
16 g carbs
32.5 g Fat
15.8 g Protein

So, here's what you need:


1 Cup of Shakeology (I chose vegan chocolate, but you could also do this with the original chocolate!)

1 Cup of Coconut Oil

1 Cup of Peanut Butter (organic, creamy, and check the sugar on it!)


1. In a saucepan combine all ingredients on medium heat.
2. Stir constantly until smooth, melted and well blended.
3. Place cupcake liners in a cupcake pan.
4. Pour the mixture evenly into the cupcake liners (I poured the mixture into a large measuring cup so it was easier to pour)
5. Place cupcake tin in your freezer
6. Wait about 30 minutes (I usually waited an hour just to be on the safe side!)
7.  Take each cup out of the cupcake liner.
8. Place in ziploc baggie
9. Eat & Enjoy!

A couple things!  I realize that there are a HIGH amount of carbs if you are on the low carb diet, so, one thing you can do is make them smaller and sort out the nutrition info for yourself.  I just happened to have full cupcake tins, but if you had a mini one that might work better if you want them smaller.

Also, my nutrition info is APPROXIMATE.  I just did the math and divided by 12, and I tried my best to pour evenly, but, some are slightly larger than others, so you may be getting a little more or less depending on how precise you are with your pouring!

I am excited to try some different variations with this!  I've head about peppermint patties, which is absolutely next on the list, ha!

So, hope this helps as you continue on your own health journey, and if you have suggestions of other recipes to try, I'd love to hear them!  Thanks for reading friends!


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