Friday, July 7, 2017

PostPartum Journey: Taking My Health Back

When I received the picture on the right from our photographer, I couldn't help but look back at the picture on the left.
That was a picture that she also took for our son's 6 month pictures.
I even showed my husband and he said 'whoa! I didn't realize all the progress you've made!'
Gosh...I almost couldn't believe the difference.
I have so many of these 'before and afters' from this past year that even I sometimes get lost in the progress.
But that line between those two pictures...that's where the work lies. All the drive-thrus I reluctantly drove by, all the workouts I gave my all on, all the really great recipes I've tried and loved,
All. Of. It.
That white line also represents six months of being determined in my mind that I WOULD take my health back. That I was done with the phase of life where doctors tell me to be careful how much I can even walk, I was done with units upon units of hormones, I was done with recovering from surgery, I was done with all of it.
It was my time to REMEMBER that of all the things that I haven't had control over for the past 18 months...that's done. My health is my own. And I decide how this story unfolds.
You might be saying to yourself, 'Candice, chill, women lose weight all the time after having babies, you're not the only one to go through IVF, and you're certainly not the only who has had a baby.'
No, I'm not.
But that's why my story is worth being told...because I know the struggle of just munching on some tortilla chips because you're too tired to make a real meal, because you've had two hours of sleep in the past 24. I know the struggle of having my favorite pizza place on speed dial. And I DEFINITELY know the struggle of comforting myself with food in the midst of learning the responsibility of being a mom.
I also understand the struggle of comparison.
My weight has been slow to come off. While I saw other friends' who looked just as they did pre-baby about 8 weeks later. That thief of comparison would capture my thoughts and convince me that I could never be fit again, and even if I was, I CERTAINLY wouldn't look how I did before.
Lies. And worse than that, they were lies that I believed.
You see, this wasn't JUST about weight loss anymore, this was about false beliefs.
So I dove head first into finding ways to correct those lies.
And you know what, bit by bit, it's helping.
And wouldn't you know it, the MORE I believed in TRUTHS, the easier this weight loss thing became.
Gosh, I can't emphasize ENOUGH that what we THINK affects us so much physically.
This post is getting long, and I'm getting all rambly and emotional.
Please know that I want this for you.
The physical stuff, yes.
But the mental's so essential!
KNOW that you are WORTH fighting for.
Maybe your story isn't post partum.
But I can tell you that you're thinking of it right now, and it's time to take it back.
Please comment below, or send me an email, and let's chat my friend! 

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