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This page is for anyone who wants to dive specifically into our story of infertility.  I know that this is often a silent battle that thousands of couples face.  And I personally found it incredibly helpful for myself to write about our journey through that process.  And then, in doing that, received countless messages and e-mails from others who were looking for support, validation, and just someone to help encourage them along the way.

These are all of my blog posts about IVF from the very beginning to the incredibly messy middle, and then, our success in pregnancy after three attempts.  I hope that in reading these posts you can relate in some way if this is your journey as well in starting a family, and if you have questions, or just want someone to chat with, please feel free to e-mail me, or post a comment.

September 28, 2015: IVF and Fear: Pushing Open the Door of My Prison

September 19, 2015: IVF: You Can Do This

September 10, 2015: I Said I Wouldn't Talk About this Part of IVF, but I'm Going To

August 26, 2015: IVF & Weight Gain: 5 Tips That You're Not Going Crazy or, a Failure

May 14, 2015: IVF Cost: How We've Paid $7,000 of Our IVF Bill

May 4, 2015: How Beachbody is Paying for IVF

April 28, 2015: IVF: Let Go of Control. You Don't Have it Anyway.

April 27, 2015: Push Yourself.

April 23, 2015: IVF: Waiting

April 15, 2015: IVF & Hormones: They're Legit.

April 9, 2015: Post Egg Retrieval Side Effects & Thoughts

April 6, 2015: IVF: Ready for the ext Chapter

April 3, 2015: IVF: Why I Chose to be Brave

April 1, 2015: Top 10 of Everything I Love & Hate About IVF

March 13, 2015: IVF Update: We are Ready to Go!

March 4, 2015: IVF: Seeing the Invisible

December 18, 2015: Why You Shouldn't Listen to Anyone About Family Planning

December 11: 2014: IVF: Top 5 Questions and Answers from a Future Mom

December 9, 2014: IVF and Other Reasons You Shouldn't Ask 'When Are You Having Kids?'

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